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Elizabeth Petty - 5th August 1817 - Z114


To my mother Ann Petty and my uncle Thomas Petty that third share in the copyhold premises, at Thornthwaite, surrendered to me and my sisters Sarah Petty and Mary Petty by guardians according to the Will of my late father William Petty.

The sum of 2 2s to my uncle Thomas Petty.

The rents and profits of the copyhold premises to go towards the maintenance of my two youngest sisters Hannah Petty and Grace Petty. When Grace becomes 21 then my copyhold right is to be sold and out of the money 10 to go to my brother Robert Petty and the residue to be equally divided amongst my brother Joseph Petty and my sisters Rachel Petty, Sarah Petty, Mary Petty, Hannah Petty and Grace Petty.

Witnesses : Joseph Abbott, Jane Petty

Died 10th December 1817. Inrolled 7th January 1818




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