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Charles Thackwray - 28th December 1816 - Z115

Bilton with Harrogate, Yeoman

To my wife Hannah Thackwray, and my daughters Hannah Thackwray and Margaret Thackwray all my real estate. On the death of my wife and daughter Hannah I give the same to my son Thomas Thackwray and daughter Margaret Thackwray, chargeable with the following legacies:

To my son Joseph Thackwray 200 on the condition that he surrender and convey the real estate devised to him by my late son Charles Thackwray unto the use of my son Thomas Thackwray and daughter Margaret Thackwray. If this is not done within 1 year of my death then the legacy is void.

To my son Joseph Thackwray 5.

To my daughter Sarah Dawson an annuity of 3.

To my granddaughter Hannah Clapham 40.

To my grandchildren Mary Dawson, John Dawson and Charles Dawson, the children of my daughter Sarah Dawson, 5 each.

To my grandsons James Thackwray, Charles Thackwray and Thomas Thackwray, the children of my son Joseph Thackwray, 5 each.

To my granddaughter Margaret Bloomer 10.

My personal estate to my son Thomas Thackwray and daughter Margaret Thackwray whom I appoint joint executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Clark, Samuel Powell, P Tompson

Died 18th July 1817. Proved 24th July 1817. Effects under 200. Inrolled 7th January 1818.




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