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Joseph Rhodes - 23rd December 1816 - Z116

Darley, Sieve Maker

All my real estate at Felliscliffe now occupied by Joseph Settle to my friends Robert Pullan and William Demain, both of the township of Menwith with Darley, upon Trust, whom I nominate as my Executors.

All my personal estate and farming stock to Robert Pullan and William Demain in Trust for the maintenance and education of my children and the maintenance of my wife. As soon as my youngest child reaches 21 then my personal estate (except 60) to be equally divide amongst them.

Once my youngest child is 21 and if my wife be dead then my real estate is to go to my son Joseph Rhodes subject to the following legacies : 25 to my daughter Alice Rhodes, 25 to my son William Rhodes, 25 to my daughter Hannah Rhodes, 25 to my daughter Mary Rhodes, 25 to my son Thomas Rhodes, 25 to my daughter Jane Rhodes and 25 to my son John Rhodes. Should Joseph die before he becomes 21 then my estate is to go to William and then Thomas if he be dead. Then my daughters in succession as above.

Witnesses : John Skaife, George Downs, Thomas Grange

Testator died 28th February 1817. Probate 30th July 1817. Effects sworn as under 300.




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