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William Williamson - 26th September 1810 - Z118

Ripon, Esquire

To my elder son John Williamson, Barrister at Law, and to my younger son the Reverend William Williamson all my real estate in Bilton with Harrogate and now occupied by William Thackwray, Matthew Thackwray and Widow Baker respectively as tenants or farmers. 

To my wife Ann Williamson all my real estate in Killinghall and after her death to John Williamson. Also to my wife an annuity of 67 10s to be paid by my son and executor John Williamson. She may have the use of the household furniture and after her death this is to be shared equally amongst my two sons.

To my son William Williamson my real estate in Hampsthwaite and Felliscliffe and now occupied by Robert Wardman and Robert Wilson. This real estate to be charged with an annuity of 110 to be paid to my wife.

I acknowledge full receipt of the 2,000 and 200 owed to me by William Williamson.

To the children of Reverend James Geldart by my late daughter Sarah Geldart, his first wife, 1,000 to be shared amongst them six months after the death of my wife.

Witnesses : John Coates, James Ferguson, Richard Morley

Inrolled 28th January 1818




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