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Thomas Myers - 6th September 1815 - Z123

Felliscliffe, Gentleman

To my wife Elizabeth Myers my house and after her death to my nephew Samuel Myers.

To Samuel Myers the two closes of land called West Closes which are now occupied by John Acres; after the death of my nephew then this property is to go to his son James Myers.

To my nephew James Myers the farm occupied by John Gill and the two pieces of land called East Allotment and Longs Garth, and after his death to go to his son Thomas Myers 

To my wife an annuity of 30 and as much household furniture as she may require.

To my executors 200 on Trust and profits to go to my wife and after her death to transfer the money in equal shares to Mary Walbank and Ann Hartley the sisters of my wife.

To each of my nieces Elizabeth Ward and Mary Robinson 200.

To the children of my late nephew James Atkinson 200 to be equally divided amongst them.

To my nephew and nieces Samuel Wilkinson, Ann Wilkinson and Sarah Wilkinson, the son and daughters of my sister Ann Wilkinson, 200 each.

To the children of my late niece Mary Atkinson (daughter of my sister Ann Atkinson), 200 to be equally divided amongst them.

To Ann Crossby, the daughter of my niece Eleanor Crossby (another of the daughters of my sister) 200.

To Thomas Snow, Richard Snow and Martha Snow, sons and daughter of Richard Snow of Harewood 100 each.

To the son and daughter of my sister-in-law Mary Pickard 100 each.

To the children of my sister Sarah Acres 200 each.

The interest of 200 to the sister of my nephews Samuel Myers and James Myers. After her death the 200 to go to her children in equal shares.

200 to be shared amongst the four children of Ann Wilson (late Ann Chambers deceased)

I appoint my nephews Samuel Myers and James Myers joint executors.

Witnesses : William Collins, William Daubney, Samuel P Pullan

Codicil 5th April 1818 - The 200 in Trust to his wife is revoked and changed to a straight gift of 200 - Ann Walker is now dead and her legacy is to be shared amongst her children.

Witnesses : Bilton Josephus Wilson, Joseph Darnbrook

There is an inventory by John Hardisty available.

Inrolled 3rd June 1818




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