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William Barker - 12th February 1818 - Z125

Knaresborough, Gentleman

To my wife Mary Barker £30, furniture, plate, books and linen enough to furnish 2 rooms.

To Grace Barker (wife of my brother John Barker) £5 5s.

To Francis Cooper of Knaresborough, Grocer, and Martin Richardson of Knaresborough, Gentleman, all my real estate, my stocks and money on mortgages, etc., on Trust.

The Trusts : 

My wife to receive the rent of the copyhold close adjoining the Knaresborough to Harrogate road now in my occupation. 

Upon her death or marriage to take one half of the close for Isaac Thorpe, son of Francis Thorpe of Pateley Bridge, Cordwainer, and to take the rents of there other half and also of the first half.

Should Isaac Thorpe die under 21 then the rents should go to Sarah Andrew, the wife of Francis Andrew of Bilton with Harrogate, Flax Dresser.

After her death the same is to go to her living children.

Remainder of my real estate to be sold and money to go to my wife. Upon her death this money to go to my brother Joseph Barker and to set aside £400 to invest and to receive the income in quarterly payments

6 months after my wife’s death :

To Walter Ryder (son of my sister Anne Ryder) and Richard Cass (son of my sister Mary Cass) £50 each. 

To Thomas Ryder (another son of Anne Ryder) £100.

To Joshua Cass and Barker Cass (sons of Mary Cass) £40 each.

To William Cass (another son of Mary Cass) £80.

To Mary Cass (the younger daughter of my sister Mary Cass) £20.

To Francis Cooper and Martin Richardson £10 each.

Upon the death of my brother Joseph Barker then the trust fund to be equally divided amongst the nephews and nieces named above.

Witnesses : Robert Gott, Peter Tolson, Richard Dewes

Inrolled 15th July 1818




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