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Matthew Young - 9th January 1843 - Z130

Thruscross, Farmer

To my sons Joseph Young and James Young all my farming stock and real estate.

To my son James 50.

To my son Joseph, my daughters Ann Young and Susannah Young, my son David Young, my daughters Hannah Longbotham (wife of William Longbotham) and Mary Young, 40 each.

To my son William Young and my daughter Sarah Young, 40 when they become 21.

To my executors 5 for procuring a trade for my son William, and 40 towards the maintenance of my daughter Elizabeth Young.

Remainder of my estate to be equally divided amongst my children named above.

I nominate my trusty friend Robert Wigglesworth of Padside Hall, Hampsthwaite, Yeoman, and my son Joseph as executors.

Witnesses : John Wigglesworth, George Emsley

Died 26th November 1813. Proved 10th December 1813.




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