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Private F A Adams


Harrogate Herald - 6th January 1915

Local Lads on Active Service - Photos

Sergeant Adams, Royal Army Medical Corps


Harrogate herald - 5th December 1917

W H Breare letter

Sergeant A W Adams, formerly of 7 Clearing Hospital, is at headquarters in France when on duty. At present he is at home on 14 days' leave, and looking well. Bombardier Foster is also at the same headquarters, and he too is fit. I think Foster comes from Birstwith. With Sergeant Adams came his brother, Private F A Adams, Royal Army Medical Corps, who is an Army optician. His home is in Norwich, but he got special leave to come to see his brother. Both the Adams' are tall and shapely; but though Private Adams, who by the way, is a civilian and has had no Army training, his job not requiring it, as he stands beside his brother seems shorter, in reality his length is greater. This shows how Army training makes a man erect and accounts for the statements we so often hear that men, who have passed the growing age, have put on an inch or two in height.


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