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Gunner W Addyman


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917


Gunner W Addyman writes : 

We have had some glorious weather for a good while now, and I hope it will keep so, because the more fine weather we get the better chance we have of pushing Fritz out of France, which I hope we shall do before long. I have not met any Harrogate lads out here lately, but I suppose I shall be doing before long. We are out for a short rest now, but I suppose we shan't be long before we are up to the neck in some push or other. I should very much like you to send me a mouth organ if you have one, as I can play one nicely. The last one got lost when we were on the move. I should also like you to send me some Gillette blades for my razor, if I am not asking too much.. (We have forwarded Gunner Addyman some Gillette blades we had in stock, but have not a mouth organ left - Ed)


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

Roll of Honour

Gunner Addyman (RFA), brother of the deceased Private L Addyman, was wounded in France on the 24th October. He has been in the Army 2 1/2 years, and went to France two years ago next month. Another brother, 1st AM W Addyman, is in the RFC.


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