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Driver G R Allan


Harrogate Herald  24th January 1917


Driver G R Allan writes from Salonica : 

Just a line hoping you are well. I received he razor, and I am sorry to tell you that the same had got broken in transhipment, so I was very disappointed, but I thank you very much for sending it out so quickly. We are having some remarkable weather out here in Salonica. It is more like August than Xmas time. I had the luck to come across another Harrogate lad - Walter Scott. We had a nice little chat. It does cheer one up to see anyone from your own home. I have been out here twelve months and only seen about six people that I know, so you can tell how nice it is to meet them. I think we shall all be home before long. I will close, wishing you a bright and prosperous New Year and good luck to yourself and the good old paper.

[We have forwarded Driver Allan another razor well packed, so that he is almost sure to receive it all right this time]


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