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Harrogate Herald 2nd May 1917

W H Breare letter

I am not able to get away from the office, and so I can never go to see the boys in our Harrogate hospitals. I was, therefore, all the more pleased to hear from my daughter-in-law (Mrs Fred) that she had been to St George's, and had the opportunity of seeing the youngest of the Allen boys. She thought how nice and considerate it was of the Matron to have arranged that the two brothers, who had gone through so much, should have their beds side by side, and I think so, too! There they are as happy as can be. Both are able to get about a little. I was also delighted to receive a message from the Matron to say that Emmerson, of Pannal Ash, [Probably 1 Harlow View, Pannal Ash] had arrived the night before. I often have had to ask that certain Harrogate boys may be received in one of these hospitals. Emmerson is one of them; so are the Allens. I am glad to say that my requests have always been cheerfully granted. Herein, I feel, lies one of the largest totals of my indebtedness.


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