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Charlie Allinson


Harrogate Herald 19th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Next I had a visit from two other boys, who came together : Pte George Gledhill and Signaller J Crossley.

Signaller J Crossley lives at 17 Poplar Grove, Bilton. His family consists of a wife and one child. He is the son of Mrs Crossley of 6 Waterloo Street. S H Jennings, who was missing April 28th, at Arras, was a pal of Crossleys'. Jennings' father worked for a number of years at Newby's. Crossley's last affair was at Hargicourt. On one occasion he met J Joy at Arras, who had just come off a route march. Joy was in the best of health. This was some time ago. Charlie Allinson is in the same lot. Crossley's regiment was the first over the top at Albert in the big push of July 1st. Crossley has been on nearly every front and has only had an approach to a wound and that a touch on one finger. Charlie Thompson, machine gun man, was wounded in the back lightly just before Crossley came away.


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