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George Alsop


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

W H Breare letter

I had a call from George Alsop, of New Park, who is on 14 days' leave. He is in the Labour Company. One of his companions is Johnson, who was in the Harrogate Recruiting Office. Alsop assured me that men in France were used to best advantage. They have sifted from the labour companies and other units men fit for active branches of the fighting service. He was picked out owing to apparent physique, but his eyesight is so bad that he had to remain in the Labour Company. Alsop told me that some time ago we gave what was supposed to be a portrait of J M Simpson, of the Australians, of Dale Bank, Pateley. He said it was not his photo. Simpson has been through Gallipoli, and has been in the Forces two years. I hope to obtain his portrait to make good this accident. When Alsop was called up he had a shop, which his wife is now looking after. I hope both of them will have the best of luck.


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