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Second Lieutenant Laurie Ritchie Armitage


Claro Times - 27th February 1915

Photo - Second Lieutenant L Ritchie Armitage, youngest son of Mr Henry Armitage, of Harrogate, late of Otley, who was employed in the United Counties Bank at Otley and Ilkley, and who has been promoted from the ranks in the 9th Battalion, Duke of Wellington's, to Second Lieutenant.


Harrogate Herald - 29th November 1916

Died of wounds, November 25th, at Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich. Lieutenant L R Armitage, Military Cross, third son of Mr and Mrs H Armitage, Lancaster Road, Harrogate. Interment at Otley, 2pm on November 29th.


Harrogate Herald - 29th November 1916

Photo - Second Lieutenant L R Armitage, Military Cross, third son of Mr and Mrs H Armitage, Lancaster Road, Harrogate, died of wounds on November 25th, at the Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich.


Harrogate Herald - 29th November 1916

W H Breare letter

...............And now, lads, I am sorry to tell you of another grief which has come to a well-known family of Harrogate, and a large number of friends. On Saturday, Second Lieutenant Laurie Ritchie Armitage died in the Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich, of his wounds. He was the third son of Mr and Mrs Armitage, Lancaster Road. You will remember his father, perhaps, if I remind you that he is a managing director of Farrah's, Limited. Second Lieutenant Armitage was a brave young officer who won the Military Cross some time before he was wounded. I did not know Ritchie, as he was called by his friends, but with Sydney Armitage, his brother, also a Second Lieutenant, I am well acquainted. Sydney has had a long battle with enteric fever, but is now again fit. The death of Ritchie Armitage has hit many people very hard, even those who knew him only by sight or reputation. As to the loss to the parents and family I can find no words adequate. We can only hope that time will bring uppermost happy memories of the young hero sufficient to still the pain of their wounded hearts. You boys at the Front who knew him and loved him will be glad to know that he had every attention in hospital. He even had the services of that great surgeon Sir Frederick Treves; but the wound in his head was beyond human skill. The lad is to be buries today (Wednesday), at Otley.

As I sat at tea one night before the war, at our table were four fine specimens of young manhood. They were : Sydney Armitage, Harold Scoby, Ramus, and my son Lynn. Later, all four had joined the forces. Two of the families then represented have suffered bereavements; Sydney's brother Ritchie has gone, and a brother of Ramus. The Ramus who was with us that night, has been severely wounded and lost an eye. You will now understand why I am so sad over the death of Ritchie.



9th Battalion, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)

Second Lieutenant (TP) Laurie Ritchie, MC

Died : 25th November 1916

Died of wounds



In Memory of


Lieutenant 9th Bn., Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regt. )who died on Saturday, 25th November 1916. Age 24.

Additional Information:

Son of Henry Armitage and Sara Ann Armitage, of 4, Park Rd., Harrogate.

Commemorative Information


Grave Reference/Panel Number: D. 78.


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