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Lance Corporal Bailes


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

Robert H Auton writes : 

After many weeks at various addresses I have found the Herald following on, but as now I am back with the battalion you might revert to the first address. The Herald affords me many hours of reading whilst in hospital, convalescent camp and base before here. Before proceeding further, I should like to express my thanks to the Red Cross Institution for the many kindnesses shown to me whilst in their care, the smooth working of which is a marvel of organisation and a lasting debt to the British Tommy. To be between clean and white linen was heaven after leaving the trenches, and the few weeks rest was a Godsend indeed, although through the winter I never suffered from cold feet until I emerged from hospital. Prior to going in we had some trouble in respect to the weather. Water frozen, sometimes days without being able to wash; even bread and bully beef in the tins were frozen, so severe it was. after a week or two at the base I was returned to duty, and after a short time in the trenches we are out on rest for a few days, so the opportunity of writing a few lines I seized. I am better of the wound, but my nerves are very shaky yet, but hope to improve as time goes on. Today our division has completed two years' service, and now naturally all are asking "How long" before the dawn? George Weatherhead and Lance Corporal Bailes are still here and fit. I had the pleasure of meeting Sergeant Chris Topham last night, and had a cheery talk with him. At the base I found my old pal Jack Baxter still busy with the mails for the boys, and he is in the pink. Economy being the watchword at present, I will close. With kindest regards.