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Corporal Baines


Harrogate Herald - 27th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Corporal Baines (West Yorks) has been reported as missing, and the following letter has been received from the Chaplain : 

Dear Mrs Baines, You will have heard from the War Office that your son, Corporal Baines, is missing since the recent fighting. I am very sorry for you in your anxiety, and no doubt anything that can be done will be done to get information for you. He may be a prisoner or wounded. It is the fortune of war if he has given the sacrifice of his life. I trust you will find some consolation in the knowledge that he gave himself for the cause of liberty and the overthrow of oppression. "Faithful unto death" means the crown of life - more abundant and richer service. May you have much faith in an all-wise Providence and the unchanging love of a Divine Father, and be able to trust in Him for your son's welfare here or hereafter. Believe me, yours sincerely, Henry Knowles, Chaplain.

Mrs Baines will be glad to hear from soldiers who can give any information respecting her son.

[  This could be Lance Corporal Archie Baines  ]