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Jim Baker


Harrogate Herald - 25th July 1917

W H Breare letter

I have had many receptions of soldiers from the Front in my office of late, and it has been quite jolly. Private J G Whitehead, of the West Yorks, has been over on leave after an interval of eighteen months. He called, and I had a chat about his comrades. I like to hear of my soldier friends and learn what they are doing, when anyone comes who can tell me. It seems with Whitehead is Simmonds. George Nelson, whom you will know as "Ruggie" Nelson, on account of his football reputation, is likewise with him, and Jim Baker, of Tower Street came home with him. He had met Leslie Harper, of the Motor Transport. As for Whitehead, he was wounded and buried in a dugout on the Somme in September, 1916, but got no further than a hospital at Boulogne.

....... and further on

On Friday morning a young gentleman in mufti called, who was wearing the West Yorks badge. I did not recognise him at first, but soon discovered it was Signaller T H Lupton, who had come home for a commission and the necessary training which cadets receive. He is one of the Beechwood Boys, and arrived on Thursday night. You will know his father well, J A Lupton, of the Rubber Stores, Station Parade. From Lupton I gathered that Sergeant Croft, son of Mr Croft, plumber, had been in the Infirmary, but came out on Saturday. I think his trouble was trench shins, as they call it. I had a most interesting chat with Lupton, and I am sure he will make A smart officer. I shall watch his career with the closest interest. Whilst he was with me in came Private L J Baker, another Beechwood Boy, who was wounded on the 3rd of May by shrapnel in the shoulder. He has been a month in England, and is the son of Mr C Baker, now of Grantham, but formerly Tower Street, where he kept a shop. Before the war Baker was serving his apprenticeship with Jesper's, engravers, Harrogate. He is at Clipstone, but whether he will be going out very soon or not he does not know.