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Gunner Albert E Baxter


Harrogate Herald - 8th August 1917

Signaller A E Baxter, Royal Garrison Artillery, who resides at Windsor Lane, Knaresborough, son of Mr and Mrs A E Baxter, 49 Mount Street, Harrogate, has been rather badly wounded in the right leg, and was admitted into No 13 General Hospital, France, on July 26th. His brother, Private P Baxter, who was in the APC, has been transferred to the East Surrey Regiment.


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

Gunner Albert E Baxter writes : 

Just a line to let you know that I am rather disappointed at not receiving the Herald by now, as father wrote me good while ago to say that I should be getting one, and I have been looking forward to reading how things were at Harrogate, of which town I am always pleased to tell anyone that I come from. In most cases the reply to me is, "That's a nice place". I have not had much time for wither reading or writing, as we have been preparing the way for our "good lads" in the infantry, and when I say "good lads" I mean it, as no one knows but themselves what they go through. By the news which you have received this day or two I think you will agree with me that we prepared the way well for them, and that they finished the job in grand style. I was talking to some of the German prisoners, one of whom talked good English, and they weren't half pleased that they had been captured. I had a nice cigar from one of them. Fritz keeps letting us hear from him, but we send thousands of shells over to his one. I have only met one Harrogate chap since coming to France. He was at some billets where we stayed whilst on our way up the line. Fraser is his name; he used to live in Mount Parade. He has been left Harrogate some years I think. I had a chat with him and told him how things were looking in Harrogate when I was last there. Fritz has gone so far back that we are having to shift our guns, which is no light task, but never mind, it is better to move them forward than backward. I wondered if any of your kind and generous readers had a wristlet watch to spare, as I could indeed do with one. I know we are apt to prey too much on the generous people of Harrogate and readers of your paper. I am anxiously looking forward to receiving the Herald. (We have made inquiries about Gunner Baxter not receiving his paper and trust he will receive it in due course. There have been so many changes of address recently that it is difficult keeping a correct list - Ed)


Harrogate Herald - 13th February 1918

War Notes

Signaller Albert E Baxter, son of Mr A E Baxter, of Oatlands Mount, Harrogate, who was badly wounded some time ago, has been transferred from Stockport to Cheadle Hulme.


Harrogate Herald - 27th March 1918

W H Breare letter

Gunner C E Walton, Royal Garrison Artillery Siege Battery, who lives at 18 Albert Road, looked in to see me on Saturday. His mother lives at Eastville Terrace. Walton has been nine months out. Unfortunately he has no Harrogate companions with him. Baxter, signaller, of Oatlands Mount, was with him at one time, but unfortunately was wounded, went home, and when he recovered was transferred to another unit. Walton has been well all the time, but he has had some narrow squeaks. They have been seven months at Ypres front, but are now resting. He has been at St Quentin and Menin Road, as also at Paschendaele.