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Lance Corporal C S Beck


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918

Photo Page

Military Funeral - Funeral of Lance Corporal C S Beck, of 32 Valley Mount, Harrogate, who died of pneumonia. The local Volunteers supplied the firing party, the bearers and buglers.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918

Roll of Honour

Mr and Mrs H L Beck, 32 Valley Mount, Harrogate, have had intimation of the death of their son in the Reception Hospital at Southend-on-Sea. His Captain and Adjutant writing says : "It is with the utmost regret that I have to write and inform you of the death of your son in the Reception Hospital at an early hour this morning. The fact of you son getting the appointment of Lance Corporal shows that he had a promising start in his Army career, and to be taken this way is exceedingly sad. His company officer is writing you today as well, and he will doubtless be able to say more about your son than I can. I offer to you and to your family my heartfelt sympathy, and trust that in time some of the pain may be alleviated." The Captain of A Company wrote : "It is with the deepest sympathy and regret that I write to you in an endeavour to convey to you the sorrow which officers, NCO's, and men feel with regard to your son. I am sure that it will bring you some comfort in your great bereavement to know that you son was one of the best men in the company, and that, although he had only had his stripe a short time, yet he gave every promise of making an excellent NCO. You can rest assured that he received the full military honours due to one who died in the service of his country no less than those who fell on the battlefield. The company in which your son did such good work hopes and feels that this last thought may go towards assuaging your deep sense of loss".


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

Private W H Carrick writes : 

I was very upset when I saw in the photo page you had had a military funeral of Lance Corporal C S Beck. He was a big pal of mine in the happy days of civil life. I would like you to send Mr and Mrs Beck my heartfelt sympathy. It is good when we can sit in our billets at night and read the old town's news in the Herald. I saw the directors of the Grand Opera House had been entertaining the wounded soldiers to the matinee of Aladdin. By Jove! Don't I wish I had been there. I worked at the Opera House for a year and six months before joining up.