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Trooper Andrew Beer


Harrogate Herald - 20th January 1915

3981 Trooper A Beer writes to the Editor as follows : 

Brigade Headquarters, 4th Cavalry Brigade, Expeditionary Force, 10th January, 1915.

Dear Mr Breare, I am writing you a few lines to thank you for your kindness in sending me the Harrogate paper out each week, to which I look forward to like a good meal and enjoy every bit as much as one, especially the letter "To my boys". Well, sir, I cannot say much this time, but one thing, I must thank your little granddaughter very much for the present of mittens and handkerchief, which I received through Private H G Smith, and should like to thank her personally, as it shows we are not forgotten, although we are away from our native town; but, of course, as you know, business is business, and carried on as usual. Well, Mr Breare, I think I must close. Wishing you and all at home and your paper every success, and remaining one of the seven.


Harrogate Herald - 14th February 1917

W H Breare letter

Before now you have heard me speak of the seven Harrogate boys all in one regiment. I had one of them in on Saturday. It was Private H Crossley, of the RAMC. He is the son of Mrs John Crossley, of 6 Waterloo Street, and was on sick leave. He is now medically unfit, but is working at the permanent base. He is one of the seven of the 6th Dragoon Guards. Others whose names you will know are Allardyce, Smith, and Andrew Beer. These boys are all regulars. Crossley was transferred to the RAMC when he became unfit. He wants to ascertain Harry Matson's address. Can anybody tell him? Crossley enlisted November 14th, 1910, was five years with the Cavalry, then transferred to RAMC. Left Alexandria 15th January for Havre. He collected wounded there and took them to Ireland. Amongst them were Harrogate lads. A pity these could not have come to Harrogate hospitals, isn't it? Crossley's period of service in the Regular Army expires November 14th of this year. I hope, and believe, the war will be over by then.


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917


Pioneer A C Beer writes : 

I will introduce myself first. I am the eldest son of the Beers who lived in Parliament Terrace in the yard adjoining your works. My father was horseman to the late Thomas Thwaites a few years ago. My brother Andrew Beer belongs to that section of 6th Dragoons known as one of the seven of which you have written more than once in your paper. His photo has appeared on your page, also my youngest brother Willie Beer in the Life Guards, who was wounded recently in the arm and is about to get his discharge. I was a foreman employed by the Harrogate Corporation Highways Department under Mr Thorpe. I laid the tarmacadam along Montpelier Street if you remember, some little time ago. I joined that famous troop of Lord Derby's, and being just 40 years of age got dumped here right up against Billy Langley in Egypt. I saw that he has mentioned me in a letter to your paper, also another "towny" - Wilson - who was in the employ of Messrs Charles Walker & Son as a joiner, etc. I was very sorry to lose them. They have both moved further up from me, so now there is no one but myself to represent Sulphurland as far as I know. I am very sorry to see so many Harrogate lads who have lost their lives in this war, and I hope that before many more months it will come to an end, and let everybody get back to their homes. I see that your son, Lieutenant Lynn, had a brush with them in France, but had got all right again. I have just come across a man called Jack Smithson, in the MT section. He has written several letters to the local paper. He is in the best of health and looking very well indeed. Before joining up he drove a private car for Barker's, late of Barcroft House, Wetherby Lane. He wishes to be remembered to you and his friends. He has been out here for about two years.

PS - I think the Royal Spa Concert Room is the best suggestion as regards the Kursaal, as it was know 30 years ago.