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Second Officer Harold W Beevers


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

W H Breare letter

I was sorry I was not in when Second Officer Harold Beevers, son of Mr and Mrs Beevers, Montpelier Gardens, called to see me. I am always working and very busy. I was not out on pleasure. Beevers is of the Auxiliary Fleet, a reserve which supplies the Fleet with ammunition, fuel and other things. Beevers is a smart looking officer and has cleverly passed all examinations resulting in his present position.


Harrogate Herald - 12th December 1917

W H Breare letter

I had a pleasant visit from Second Officer Harold W Beevers, and it was all the nicer because he brought his sweetheart to see me. I like to know all the boys' wives and sweethearts, and after seeing Beevers' I know he is a very lucky chap. My sailor friend, whom I have known from babyhood, I thought had got a little stouter and that he had never looked so well.