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Corporal W P Birkinshaw


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Letters received from our soldiers :

W P Birkinshaw


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

W P Birkinshaw writes : 

November 29th, 1915. once again I take the opportunity of thanking you for your very good paper. It is a delight to me every week to be able to have some news of he old town. It makes one feel at home, even when we are such a long way from you. I am very pleased you liked the ring I sent you and thank you for the cheery words you sent me in your weekly letter. I am sorry I have not much news for you. You see on our line we are very quiet just now. I think our chaps are giving the Germans a bit of a rest. But when they do start they will soon bring Fritz out of his shell. Glad to hear that the young men of Harrogate have responded to the call in good numbers. Well, Sir, I will bring my short note to a close. Hoping you are in the best of health, and wishing your paper every success.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd August 1916

Private W P Birkinshaw writes : 

Just a line or two to thank you for your very acceptable paper, which I receive every week. I was very sorry to hear of "Don" Bell's death. I am trying to find his grave, so that I can put flowers on it. I have seen most of the men in his Company, and all of them are very upset about him. I only hope that his wife will receive the honour that I am sure he deserved. You will all by now have heard of Alf Shaw's success. He came round to see me last night with Sergeant Waite, of Starbeck. They both look well and are ready for another go at old Fritz. I stopped a shrapnel bullet, but it only bruised me, and I was able to go on with my work. However, it gave me a bit of a shake, and I have no wish for another dose. I will shut off now. Wishing you every success.


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

W P Birkinshaw writes : 

I have the greatest pleasure in writing you once again to thank you for sending me your fine paper, which I now receive every Friday; that is on account of my new address. I was at a football match yesterday, and met two Harrogate boys. both of them went to school with me. One was R Weatherill, better known as "Bobby", and the other George Ripley. We had a good long talk of the old days at home, which I am sure bucked us up and put new life into us. Weatherill, it seems, is one of the lucky ones. He has been stationed in the same place for about two years now, and has married a Belgian girl. I was with RSM Bannard the other day, and in our talk Donny Bell's name was brought up. It appears that they were very good friends, and he asked me if it would be possible for mew to get a photo of Donny for him, so of course my thoughts went straight to Mr Breare; so do you think it will be possible for you to get one and send it on to me, and I will see it is passed on to Mr Bannard. I expect you know that my brother-in-law, W Pymm, has been thrown from his horse and sustained injuries to his right knee which, from what I hear from home, will keep him in bed for some time. We are having beautiful weather here, and I hope it will last for some time. Wish your paper every success. (We have sent a photograph for Mr Bannard - Ed)


Harrogate Herald - 30th January 1918

Acknowledging receipt of the Herald, Corporal W P Birkinshaw says : 

I feel I cannot put into words the happiness it brings to us boys so far away from home, and I feel I shall never be able to thank you enough for your kindness in sending it to me.