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Maurice Bishop


Claro Times - 27th August 1915

"He died like a true English gentleman", is an officer's tribute to a Huby private killed in action. He was Private Charles Bishop, of the Harrogate Territorials, 1/5th West Yorkshires, and was one of the three sons and one grandson of Mrs John Bishop, of Huby, all of whom volunteered their services. Their portraits appear in this issue.

Private Bishop as killed as he was coming out of the trenches, the bullet severing the jugular vein. He was 38 years of age, and leaves a widow and four children.

The high esteem in which Private Bishop was held by his comrades is shown in a letter to his widow from Lieutenant J C Walker, who says : "I have refrained from writing to you until I thought your grief would have subsided a little. But I now wish to let you know of the high opinion we all had of your late husband. He was a grand example to my younger fellows, and a good soldier who died like a true English gentleman. I much regret his loss and example, but feel sure you will feel happier when you know we all liked him so much, and feel his loss. Believe me, etc."

Private Bishop's son , Maurice Bishop, aged 18, is serving in the 2/5th West Yorkshires, and in the same regiment as his brother, Herbert Bishop, whilst another brother, Abel Bishop, is in the Yorkshire Hussars.