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G A Blackburn


Harrogate Herald - 31st January 1917

S S [Shoeing Smith.?] G A Blackburn says

I appreciate the good work very much that you are doing in England by trying to make our rather tough jobs easier, and no one can deny that you are doing your bit. It is grand to get all the local news each week, and there are a good few lads out here who eagerly look forward to the paper each mail. I was amused to read EHB's piece of poetry about mules in the December 31st issue. [Advertiser ?] I quite agree with his sentiments. They are all true. Perhaps I know even more about their playful little habits than he does, as I have the somewhat doubtful pleasure of shoeing them, and as a considerable portion of ours are remounts which have never had shoes on before, it requires the strength of Atlas and the patience of Job to get round them. We are stationed way up the mountains, and very seldom see a soul from day to day, so you can quite imagine how w all eagerly await the mail coming. There is a paper published in Salonica consisting of two small pages, nearly all advertisements and a bit of war news. I will try and obtain one for you as a souvenir if you wish. In conclusion, I wish the Herald every success in the future and a large circulation each year.