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Corporal G P Blackburn


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

Corporal G P Blackburn writes : 

Just a few lines to thank you on behalf of myself and the boys of this company for the ball, which I received yesterday, December 2nd. I think it was very kind of you to make my wants known, and also of Alderman Binns and friends in sending same, but it is only what we can expect from the good old Yorkshire people. I note by the papers I have sent me every week that you only have to put your application in the Herald, and you will very soon have the articles asked for. I really think the people of Harrogate and district are doing their very best for their country. If not out here as soldiers, they are sending comforts, and that is one thing the boys are proud of; to think they are not forgotten even if absent from amongst you. Now, sir, I hope I am not taking too much of you valuable time up, writing so much, but I must tell you we have played 7 matches so far, won 6 and drawn 1 - not so bad! I am going to give the players a pleasant surprise on Sunday by introducing the new ball into the match we have against 112th Londoners, who are supposed to be very "hot stuff". We have a very good field here, but don't know who it belongs to! We expect they will be coming for the rent some time. Just before I close, I will again thank you and all concerned for the very kind gifts you sent to us, and wishing you and your valuable paper every success.