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Lance Corporal Blackburn


Harrogate Herald - 26th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Private F D Earnshaw, of Starbeck, who belongs to the West Yorks, came fresh from Belgium to see me. Sharp, of Starbeck, who is of the same regiment, came on leave about the same time. From Earnshaw I learnt that Johnson, who drove for Knowles, wine merchant, and lives at New Park, was a stretcher bearer, and when fetching wounded he was caught by a shell. The following Starbeck boys are with Earnshaw : Sibson, Lance Corporal Blackburn, Private Ashby, Sergeant Dobby, who, by the way, is in hospital. Earnshaw has been 12 months out the 25th of this month. He has had narrow shaves, but escaped and has kept well.