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Private Edward Blackstone


Claro Times - 31st December 1915

Another Knaresborough soldier of the 5th West Yorkshires who is suffering from gas poisoning is Private Edward Blackstone, who resided at Park Row, Knaresborough.

In a letter home to his wife, he thus describes the attack : "I was partly gassed in the attack on Sunday morning. I was acting as guide to the patrol sergeant on advanced post duty. I was two days in the front line trenches. The Germans sent the gas over about five in the morning, and how I got down to our lines I can hardly say. It was a fearful experience, and if it had lasted a little longer I don't think I should have survived. St the same time the Germans opened out on us all their guns. They shelled us and the canal bank for 48 hours. We have lost a lot of men in the Division".

Writing on Christmas Eve he says : "I fully expected they would have withdrawn our battalion, but they are in the trenches tonight, and I don't think they will get relieved until the 28th".

Mrs Blackstone has not received any further letter of her husband's progress.