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Bob Blades


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

Driver T Flynn says : 

I have had the pleasure of coming across three more Knaresborough boys since I came up the line again - Bob Blades, better known as "The Nut", and also his son Arthur Blades, and young Taylor. I was never so "capped" in my life when I came across old Bob, and I can tell you we had a good shake of th hand and a talk about the old gang. I know there are a few younger men in the same gang, also single, that ought to be out here. Fritz keeps on sending over "dinners" for three, and we are sending back by return post "dinners" eight at a time, so they cannot go short of grub, and one would be greedy if he ate the lot himself. I saw in last week's Knaresborough Post the photos of a good old Farnham family - George Howard's lads. I worked with Jack at Robson's, but I did not know he had joined the Army till I saw his photo. Well, keep on smiling, as we will all be back soon in Blighty.