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Sergeant J Bowgett


Harrogate Herald - 3rd February 1915

Corporal J Bowgett, 127 Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 29th Brigade, 4th Division, writes : 

Dear Sir, Just a few lines thanking you for your copy of the Harrogate Herald, which I have just received. It is a treat to get hold of a local paper, for news is very scarce out here. We are experiencing very rough weather out here; it is knee-deep in mud, and it is constantly raining. We have had some snow to add to the unpleasantness, but we hope for better weather later on. There are no Harrogate boys near me. They never seem to come round our way. I have only met two all the time I have been out here. The photographs in your paper are very good ones. I suppose Harrogate is busy with all the other soldiers training there - just the place to make them fit - plenty of fresh air and the sulphur water. We get quite a lot of hard fighting here. Shells are falling round us every day of the week, but we give the Germans plenty to go on with. They don't like our guns, for we cause a lot of trouble in their ranks when the shells fall. We are in the best of spirits and good heath, with the exception of colds, which are very common among the boys. We are all looking forward to the time when all the boys will be out of here. We get plenty of good food, and we all manage to keep warm under the circumstances. I see by your paper that Jonas Priest is dead. Well, he was well-known to nearly all Harrogate people. All the old residents seem to be going now. You all will be getting over the scare the Germans gave you by visiting Scarborough - it was very near. Well, dear Editor, I think that is all this time. I will now conclude, wishing you every success, also your paper.

Yours truly, J Bowgett.


Harrogate Herald - 10th February 1915

W H Breare letter

We had a letter from Corporal W Bowgett. Since he wrote that letter he has been injured in the eyes by creosote, and is expected shortly at Starbeck. He was a constable at Bridlington and a reservist, answered the call, and has been on the Continent since early in September. He was promoted on the field. Perhaps you have met him. He belongs to the 127th Battery of the Royal Field Artillery. The rest of his address to which we send him a Harrogate Herald is 29th Brigade, 4th Division.


Harrogate Herald - 30th January 1918

Sergeant Farrier J Bowgett writes : 

I do not seen to have the luck to come across a any of the Harrogate boys, but hope to do so before the war is "napoo". I am sure we are all looking forward to being able to be back home this year.


Harrogate Herald - 9th January 1918

W H Breare letter

Other Mons heroes include Harry Petty (RE), son of Mr and Mrs J R Petty, who were about one of the first patriotic families we had the pleasure of chronicling; Driver Donald Currie, son of Mrs Currie, of Denmark Terrace, who had five or six sons serving, one being killed, and Donald is a prisoner in Germany; Sergeant-Farrier J Bowgett, a Starbeck man, who, I believe, was a policeman at Bridlington prior to joining the Colours; Private John G Swales(Royal Scots Greys), of Russell Street, Oatlands Mount, who has been wounded twice and is now in hospital at Halifax; Private Richard Carter, Coldstream Guards, who is a prisoner in Switzerland, and whose sister, Mrs J T Johnson, resides at Bachelor Gardens; Cadet H Bryant, who landed at Ostend in October, 1914, and was with the 7th Divisional Column up to Ghent; Private G Graham (KOYLI), who was wounded and taken prisoner at Mons. He is the son of Mrs E Graham, 10 King's Road, and now at Chemnitz; Private H G Smith (Dragoon Guards), who is now in hospital in Leeds; Second Lieutenant L A Shipman, who also received the meritorious medal, son of Mr and Mrs Shipman, of Willow Grove, Bilton, who have other sons in the Army and Navy.