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Lieutenant E Thornton Bridgewater


Harrogate Herald - 7th November 1917

W H Breare letter

Mr Edgar Haddock, who is taking such an interest in the blinded soldiers, called to see me the other day. He told me he had a very beautiful poem, by E Thornton Bridgewater, a lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps, set to music by a young composer who, he believes, will rise to the very top. The man wishes to remain anonymous. This song, entitled, A Blind Hero, has been given to the St Dunstan Blind Institute, and as the music is as beautiful as the words it should have a large sale and greatly assist the Institution's funds. You will probably hear it out where you are. It is to be sung at many of the concerts in aid of children of blinded soldiers. The composer, I had nearly forgotten to tell you, is a private soldier and about 25 or 26 years of age. Although he has written remarkable works, none have yet been published. Mr Haddock looks upon him a one of England's finest modern composers. He wrote the song whilst lying out in the wilds of a battle area, with a broken pen, and, of course, with no piano near.