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Bombardier S Broughton


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Bombardier S Broughton says : 

21st November 1915. the post bring me your most welcome paper was delivered in the midst of a bombardment on our position. I need hardly say which of the twain - the "coal-box" sent by Fritz and the paper from home - was most eagerly welcomed. Some of the Navvies' Battalion were quartered in a farm near by, and for greater safety we invited a trio into our dugout, regaling them with some cocoa (which drink one burly navvy seemed to experience great difficulty in placing). Fortunately there were no casualties, Fritz sending a couple of dozen shells, doing but little damage. My duties here are telephoning, and in turn I go with an officer to some ruins near the trenches to observe and control our battery's fire. This post is known in artillery parlance as the OP (observation post), and an absorbing night-time pastime is rat hunting. So long as this place retains its name I don't mind, but I do not wish to be there when an Allemande shell changes it to UP. Again expressing to you my appreciation of your kind action in sending me your paper each week containing all the home news.


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

W H Breare letter

To return to Dent. Mr Broughton's son, of the market, he met when he first arrived, and had a jolly talk with him. He had seen "Billy" Bell, who was as happy as ever. Councillor Robinson's sons, George and Ernest, are in Dent's column. Likewise Sergeant Cobbler, of Tower Street. "Major" wishes to be remembered to all the Harrogate boys.