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Private W Brown


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

In our picture page today are the portraits of Private W Brown, Royal Army Medical Corps, who was an apprentice in the composing department of W R Ackrill up to enlisting; C W Worstall, who formerly was overseer in the news department; and G Styan, a former employee.


Harrogate Herald - 22nd December 1915

Private W Brown, Royal Army Medical Corps, writing home, says : 

Dear Miss Pearce and Auntie, I am very sorry that I have not written before, nor did I think that the next time I wrote that it would be on board ship. Daresay you are very anxious about me, but don't worry - am all right and very comfortable. We are practically travelling second class, and if it wasn't for the khaki and it being a hospital ship, you couldn't tell there was a war on. Our little batch from Netley was rushed off pretty quick on the Saturday. You would love to be on this voyage; to me it is most enjoyable. The sunrise in a morning is a very pretty sight. The other day we caught a glimpse of the coast , and it being a mountainous part, some of the peaks were snow-capped and the early morning sun shining on them presented a bonny sight.


Harrogate Herald - 8th January 1919

The Editor has received post-cards from the following : W A Ballance, Private C Barker, Louis Metcalfe, G McBretney, W Brown, Sapper G Whittall.