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Sergeant Burgess


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

J H Holmes, after thanking Mr W H Breare for the Herald, says : 

We have had some very cold weather here lately, though very little snow. The wind, too, has been terrific, and some nights we had to spend keeping the hangers down to the ground. However, we have now moved to a new aerodrome, and for the time being are billeted in houses. I have only met one Harrogate man out here so far - Sergeant Burgess. He was back for a rest. I suppose by now he is in the trenches again. Well, it will be Christmas in a few days now, and you can bet, all being well, I shall have as good a time as possible to have under the circumstances. Thanking you once again for your paper, and wishing you a merry Xmas.