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Sergeant A Burrows


Harrogate Herald 17th January 1917

Sergeant A Burrows expressing thanks for the Herald, says : 

It is cheering to read about the doings of our boys and what is going on at home and round about. I was home just for Christmas, and had to leave Harrogate on Christmas night. I was so busy seeing friends and relations that I really had not time to come and see you. I hope you will excuse me for not doing so. I like you photo pages very much. I know several men that have appeared. I am sorry to see so many of the boys getting killed. On Xmas day I cycled to the old borough to say farewell to a few friends. I though I would engage a taxi for the return journey, but found that it was engaged. I tried several places then for a horse vehicle, but found that they were all engaged, and was told they could not take me, as they had no regulation lights. I really think it is poor management of the cab proprietors, or they did not want to turn out, being Xmas Day. If they had been out in France as long as I have they would realise that every hour at home is precious. As is was it took me one hour and a half to walk to Harrogate Station on account of the roads being so slippery. You no doubt will be a little surprised to hear that I am promoted to Sergeant. Wishing you and your paper every success and the season's greetings to all.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

W H Breare letter

I have received the names of more local men who were at Mons. Bombardier F Cooper, Royal Field Artillery, of 142a King's Road, went out in August, 1914, with the Regular Army, and was in France until wounded at the early part of last year, and is now at North Wareham. R H Oram was the only Harrogate lad with the Scottish Rifles at Mons. Sergeant A Burrows, son of Mr S Burrows, Plompton, Knaresborough, was with the Army Service Corps that arrived in Belgium on August 10th, 1914. He was there and in France for three years and four months, and is now in Italy. Naval Air Mechanic J H Graves, son of Mr and Mrs H H Graves, of Fewston, was acting as driver for the Army Service Corps at Mons, and is entitled to the medal. Corporal S S Coop (Lancers), son of Mrs Coop, 21 North Lodge Avenue, New Park, Harrogate, is another local soldier that fought at Mons. The first Harrogate man to win the DCM, Private J A B Bennett (who, by the way, is now full corporal in a cavalry bride), and Sergeant Kay, who were formerly with the 20th Hussars and 6th Dragoon Guards respectively, are both Mons men. Lance Corporal Randall E Robinson, who has had four birthdays at the Front, and whose parents reside at Westcliffe Terrace, is another. He has been right through the war and wounded once.