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Private J W Bussey


Harrogate Herald - 6th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Private K Lang (West Yorks) was wounded in the left shoulder on Empire Day, and is in hospital at Norwich. He is brother of Mrs Bussey, 7 Cavendish Street. Before the war he was apprenticed to Mr R Croft, plumber, Commercial Street. His brother-in-law. Private J W Bussey, lost his right arm on the 25th September, 1916, at the battle of Thiepval.

W H Breare letter

You will see in another portion of the Herald that Private Lang has been wounded in the shoulder. This occurred on Empire Day. I am glad to say that he is doing well. His brother-in-law, Private J W Bussey, came to give me the information. I was interested to hear that he himself had been wounded at Thiepval on the 25th September, 1915. To me he looked well and sound. I could not see that he had lost his right arm to the shoulder, for he appeared in a smart suit of mufti, and had his new artificial arm. It certainly is ingenious. He can bend it at the elbow, adjust his hand, fingers, by an arrangement, lock it in the position required, and actually use a spade. There is one thing he cannot do, that is, put his coat on by himself. I presume he has been to Roehampton, where they fit the men up with artificial limbs. He was very much impressed with what was accomplished there. For instance, he saw men who had lost both legs walking quite easily with artificial ones. Bussey hopes to start at the Post Office as a deliverer of letters. Before the war he was a joiner by trade. I can tell you it was a great source of happiness to find he had come out so well, and that he is so happy and capable.