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Private Percy Cash


Harrogate Herald - 3rd March 1915

Recruiting in Harrogate during the month of February has been fairly brisk. The names of those who have enlisted through the medium of the Recruiting Office in Station Square are as follows : 

T H Potter, R Cornall, T Johnson, H Massheder, J McLaughlin, Percy Cash, H Morrell, C J Summersall, F G Squire, C E Crossley, A J Lale, A Dewar, C Lewis, A Addison, G Addison, G McGuire, M J Lyons, G E Mathers, W Tipling, E Marshall, W Younger, C Tranill, H B Broadley, G T Gamage, Ingham, Dobby, Brearley, Riley, E Simpson, J W Lamb, E Shackleton, P C Moorey, J Roker, F Slinger, A Harrison, W A Wray, J Elsworth, J A Bayley, F V Thackwray, W Smithson, and Stephen Fountain.

This list does not include those joining the colours through the Westminster Chambers agency, nor those who join the Yorkshire Hussars and Yorkshire Dragoons direct


Claro Times - 10th September 1915

A field postcard received yesterday from Mr Percy Cash, formerly hon. Secretary of the Harrogate Chamber of Trades, says that he is going on well. The card bears Gibraltar postmark. It will be recalled that Mr Cash joined the Royal Army Medical Corps some months ago.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918

On Thursday and Friday evenings two excellent concerts, arranged by Private Percy Cash, were give at Heatherdene, one of the Grand Duchess George of Russia's hospitals, by the wounded soldiers, assisted by one or two friends. The Grand Duchess and party were present at the second concert, and at her request the autograph of each of the artistes were appended to a programme specially arranged by Private F H Barstow. The concerts were a great success, and a feature of the programme was the performance of a highly entertaining and finely written farce by "Little Boy Blue" (Private F H Barstow, Royal Fusiliers), who when the call for author was made received quite and ovation.

[Long list of acts and artistes follows]


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