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Private William Clark


Harrogate Herald - 29th January 1919

W H Breare letter

Two callers yesterday showed that the work of demobilisation is proceeding, if slowly. Private William Clark, ACC, of Skipton Street, has been released after three years and two months' service, nearly 2 years being spent in Salonica. He had a 16 days' voyage and landed in England on the 15th instant. He contracted pneumonia when he went to Bulgaria in November, and was invalided home. He was in hospital at Whalley, from which he returned home on Monday. He met Purchase, of New Park, in June last, and while in hospital overheard a patient talking of Harrogate, but did not know who he was. He went through the fighting in Bulgaria, and contracted influenza just about the time it stopped. Up to the 29th September Clark had never felt better in his life despite the trying condition of the Salonica climate.


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