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Private John Trotter Clelland


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

Roll of Honour

Mrs J T Clelland, of 1 Albany Road, Bilton, has received official intimation that her husband, Private J T Clelland (East Yorks), has been killed in action. Jack Clelland, as he was familiarly known amongst a large circle of friends, was a man of a particularly happy disposition. He was the eldest son of Mrs Clelland and the late Mr T Clelland, of Dragon Parade, and was associated with his father in business for some years in Cambridge Street. Up to the time of joining the Army he was employed as representative for Messrs Walton & Sons Successors, Linen Mills, Knaresborough. He was for some years principal bass at the Harrogate Presbyterian Church. 

The accompanying letter from his officer was received on Monday last : 

Dear Mrs Clelland, It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you of the death of your husband, 26050 Private Clelland, J T, who was killed in action during the recent battle. Your husband had been with my company for some little time, and I can assure you he had always done his duty as a soldier excellently. He was a good favourite amongst his comrades, and I know his death will be felt throughout the whole of my command. You will be able to find out the position of his grave from the Graves Registration Committee, Whitehall, London. His effects, as far as they could be found, will be forwarded in due course. I can only add that I hope you will accept the deepest sympathy of all ranks of C Company in your sad bereavement. Believe me, yours sincerely, C F Smith, Captain, OC C Company, 8th East Yorks.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

On Sunday, Mr Angus gave a brief address, and said the past week had been one of the deep cross-currents in his life. He had entered into the joy of a business pal's home, whose life had been given up in hospital in training, but by God's help had been restored, and the news had come that soon he would be in dear old Blighty. The home of sadness was turned into a place of rejoicing. He had entered into the deep sorrow of another business pal's home, where the sad news had come that John Clelland was dead. He felt he must pay a tribute to his friend's memory. He was a strong robust, manly comrade, had a fine outlook in commercial life, and a true sense of comradeship - a most companionable man in train, business, and church. God had given him the fine of a fine voice, and in concerts at the YMCA and with his company he entered and led others to enter into the inner spirit of the great songs of the past and the present generations. To him the service of the sanctuary was a real service of praise, and at the Presbyterian Church he gave of his very best and entered into a living harmony with the mighty invocations, with the perennial psalms and solos, and rang out the true message of Christianity. He loved his homeland, and J Clelland - as did thousands of others - went into training for the fight at the call of God, country and home, and served his day and generation as a worthy son, a true husband, a loving father, and a reliable business pal. He had fallen in the conflict and found a higher service. A vote of sympathy was passed and sent to his surviving relatives.


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917


H Mais writes : 

Many thanks for the paper. I always look forward to it, for to me there is no town like Harrogate. I would like to see it the end of this month and next, for that is the time the old town takes some beating. I always pass my paper on, as there are a few local lads in our company, and they all like to read the news from home. I was thankful for the socks my wife sent me through your kindness. They are articles that are very bad to get out here. If you have bad socks you will be sure to have bad feet. I was sorry to see that Jack Clelland had been killed. We used to be neighbours in Albert Road. His wife and family have my deepest sympathy. Wishing you and your paper every success.



East Yorkshire Regiment

8th Battalion

Private John Trotter Clelland (26050)

Born : Hexham, Co Durham

Enlisted : Harrogate

Residence : Bilton

Died : 9th April 1917

Killed in Action

France & Flanders



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