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Private Coggane


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917


Sergeant Charles E Croft writes : 

I have got out of hospital in Boulogne and returned to my own battalion, and when I opened the Herald and saw the photographs of some of the lads out of my company, I was glad, because it let me know more about them , and yet was very sorry they should appear in some cases. Private Reed was in my platoon, and I was with him when he was injured. I regret to see that he has since died of his wounds. I am going to write to his mother, as I feel sure she would like to hear my opinion about him. I was hit in the calf of the right leg by a piece of shell, but compared to some of the wounds our lads got, mine was only a trifle, although I am still walking lame. I am well on the way for recovery, and hope to very soon be active again. We had some special weather whilst I was in hospital, and very often sat on the cliffs and watched the hospital ships sailing across the Channel. You can imagine my thoughts. I met a Knaresborough man there, Sergeant Bob Fountain. I expect you know him, as you seem fairly well acquainted within most local chaps. Something wrong with is knee, otherwise quite well. I have also met Private Frank Howley, and Private Coggane, of Harrogate, and they also were very well.


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