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Driver T Collier


Harrogate Herald - 22nd August 1917

W H Breare letter

Driver T Collier, RFA, whose home is 36 Grey Street, Oatlands Mount, Harrogate, has had hard luck in the matter of absence of leave. He has been in a sort of flying column unit two years last July. Just as he was on the point of obtaining leave he was sick and had to go to a hospital. Through that he missed his chance. You may imagine, then, that he is enjoying his trip home now. He had met Albert Kemp, son of William Kemp, Nuisance Inspector, and Coates, who used to drive a hansom cab. Apart from this illness Collier has been fit all the time. His eldest son is in India, joined two years ago, went to Mesopotamia, where he contracted dysentery just before the advance on Kut. Steinthorpe, of Ripon, is with Collier senior's lot.


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