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Gunner B S Cordon


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917

Chats with the Wounded

Gunner B S Cordon, of the Royal Field Artillery, is in the Grove House Hospital, after being invalided home from the Front. He went out in August and returned in February. Gunner Cordon is a Harrogate man, being a partner in the Pannal Laundry Company. During the six or so months he was in France he never by any chance met a Harrogate man whom he knew. One fact which impressed itself on the mind of the infantry in France, let alone the gunners, was the great improvement in the supply of ammunition for the guns. They were now three or four times stronger than the German in this branch of the Army. In fact, the Germans hesitate now in casual bombardments to start sending over a shell into the British area, because for every one they send they get a dozen back. It was only a matter of time now for the Germans to be beaten. After his health broke down and he was invalided home he was two months in a Sheffield hospital. He has been at the Grove House Hospital a fortnight. The consideration and kindness shown the men at Grove House were great. Gunner Cordon is making a good recovery, and he expects to go back to his depot in a week or so.


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