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Drummer T Coupland


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917


Drummer T Coupland writes : 

I am taking this opportunity of making an appeal to you for a football, and should you be in a position to supply our want, am sure that your kindness will be fully appreciated. I m a Harrogate lad, and I write these lines to you at the request of the 2/5th West Yorks. We have had some queer experience since we played in Harrogate during the weekend before Christmas of last year, and we expect more in the future. As we are all more or less football mad in civil life, it seems to be so dull and monotonous out here without our round friend. You know it is a case of wanting something to kick, so as to keep ourselves from becoming quiet. There is nothing to do at all, and noting in the way of amusements where we are now. The light nights are coming round, and we get a few leisure hours during the evenings, and we can get some very enjoyable games amongst us if we had the necessary ball. We (the band) thank you and the people of Harrogate for the many kindnesses which they have shown us in the past, and we hope some day in he near future to be playing once more in the town of Harrogate. Hoping for a favourable reply.


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