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Private J Crossley


Harrogate Herald -3rd January 1917

Chats with the Wounded

Private J Crossley, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, is in the Royal Bath Hospital with wounds in the leg. It was on July 4th in the "big push" and they were engaged in fetching in the wounded. They had carried in a couple and had just placed them in a dugout when a high explosive fell on the dugout, which was blown in. one of the wounded was killed, and Crossley received shell wounds of rather a severe nature. After reaching Harrogate he was in bed for a number of weeks, but is now able to get out and is making a steady, if somewhat slow, recovery. The RAMC get their full share of knocks. They had 123 casualties in three days. Twelve of their number were picked off by snipers. This in spite of the fact that they are Red Cross men.


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