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Driver Alfred Dale


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

Driver Alfred Dale, whose photo we reproduce in our picture page, is withy the Field Ambulance, and has been in France since the beginning of the war. He was chauffer with Mr Norman H Rae, Pannal Ash, Harrogate, up to enlisting. He is known among his comrades at the Front as "Tony"


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

W H Breare letter

"Right-oh, Fi-fi, if the Major will let me!". "It was my answer to Toney Dale, of the 116th Field Ambulance, who had come over from his CO, with the request that I might drive an ambulance cart up to the trenches that night where the last lot of wounded from a big engagement were to be brought".

This is the opening paragraph of an article headed, "Drivers of the Red Cross", which appeared in the "Motor" newspaper, 19th October, 1915. you will wonder why I quote it. My reason is that "Toney" Dale is a Harrogate man. His real name is Alfred Dale. He is a driver in the Field Ambulance Section. He has been at the Front in France since the beginning of the war. Before he left Harrogate as a soldier he was chauffeur to Mr Norman Rae. His pals at the Front have nicknamed Dale, "Toney". You will be able to recognise him, those who know him, and you will find his photograph in the Herald today. I say "today", but I never quite know when a particular photo is going to appear. You must understand that we get many photographs, and, sometimes, they have to wait their turn. Dale seems to be popular amongst his comrades, and I am sure we are pleased even to see his name in a motor paper. I wish him the best of luck.