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E Dawson


Harrogate Herald - January 1917

Private A Bonner says :

Pardon me for writing these few lines, but you will remember me being in France before with the 19th Battalion --. I am now in the 2nd, and have been in the trenches. We are out for a rest, but we gave the Germans a hot time. We have had mud and water up to our waists. I should be very pleased if you will send me one of your papers or small parcel with a few "cigs", as they would come in very handy. I met E Dawson the other day, and we had a short chat together about the old place. I am sorry I have not been able to call and see you, but I came out here again sooner than expected. I hope this lot will soon be over, as it is something awful out here. Remember me to all the boys at home. Wishing you and all your staff the best of luck.