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Second Lieutenant Ernest Dawson


Harrogate Herald - 1st January 1919

Wednesday Gossip - Mr and Mrs T B Dawson, of Station Parade, Harrogate, have at length had their anxiety allayed in respect to their missing son, Pilot Ernest Dawson, who, after a flight with his squadron into Germany just before the armistice was signed, failed to return. A postcard, I am pleased to hear, has been received stating he may be expected home any time.


Harrogate Herald - 8th January 1919

Wednesday Gossip - Second Lieutenant E Dawson, of the Royal Air Force, from whom I said a postcard had been received, arrived home on Saturday week from Germany. His machine was shot down in a raid on the Fatherland, his petrol tank being pierced, and he landed with nothing worse than a sprained ankle. He is now all right again.


Harrogate Herald 29th January 1919

Acknowledging the Herald, Corporal Denison, of 1 Squadron, RAF, BEF, writes : I first of all read your most newsy letter to us und see if there are any Harrogate boys near Le Hamean, where I am stationed, which is some 15 kilos from Arras; 94 Squadron has broken up, and most of us are posted to 1 Squadron on the same aerodrome. We are to receive machines, and are pilots fly them to Marquise; there the ferry pilots take them to England. I hear this will last one month, weather permitting, but I hope to be home, back to my little business in Mowbray Square; better still amongst the townspeople. During my time in this Corps I have only met two Harrogate men Mr Thompson, the principal tenor at the Congregational Church, and Harold Robinson; his brother has a fruiterer's shop in the Market Hall. I was pleased to hear Lieutenant E Dawson had arrived home after being shot down. We as a squadron never got into action, for the morning we were to escort a bombing expedition news came through cancelling the engagement owing to the Germans pleading for an armistice. We were all up at day-break, and the machines running up ready to make a start. Most of our pilots have been out here before and are clever stunters on this type of machine, 200hp Sev. I've been making my officer a model to scale which has turned out a success. I will be pleased to make you one when I return for your kindness, not only to me, but all the Harrogate boys. I don't know of anyone who has done for us as you have.