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Private S Dawson


Harrogate Herald 3rd March 1915

The two sons of Mr R Dawson, formerly of Harrogate, are now serving with the Army. They were born at Harrogate and worked here until the war commenced after their parents removed to Leeds. Their photos are on our picture page.


Harrogate Herald - 28th March 1917

Private S Dawson writes :

I hope you will excuse me writing this begging letter. I saw by your paper you have been the means of doing so much good to the Harrogate men out here. I am a Killinghall man myself and in great need of a "Primus" stove. I thought perhaps some of your readers would be pleased to supply one, as my work for a long time has carried me a long way from my company, and it has been rather awkward as regards cooking my food and getting hot water for making tea, as I go to places where fires are not allowed. I have a Harrogate man with me. His name is J Pacey. I do not know if you know him or not. We came across each other quite accidentally. He is now my mate on the lorry.