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Lance Corporal A Deighton


Harrogate Herald 31st January 1917

Lance Corporal A Deighton writes :

As you will see by the above I have arrived here at last, but whereabouts I am I do not know. It seems miles from anywhere. The firing cane be heard quite distinctly. The place is one mass of puddle, over the boot tops in some places, and it takes us all our time to get along. It is impossible to buy anything here, and I should be glad if any of your kind friends could send a safety razor, as barbers are also scarce. There are one or two Harrogate lads along with me also who wish there was a barber's shop handy. Would you be so kind as to put my name on the list to receive the Harrogate papers - one would do for the few of us.

[I have put Lance Corporal Deighton on the list - Ed]