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Driver Harry W Dent


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

W H Breare letter

Driver Harry W Dent is known at the Front as "the Major". He has borne this name for some time, in fact before he went out. He worked for Messrs Mackay and Sons, Motor Engineers, West Park, before the war, and it was there, I fancy, he got his promotion. He is the son of Mr R Dent, Mayfield Grove, and has been out nine months at the Front. He came in to see me on Friday, jolly and well. He came home on Thursday night and returned Boxing night. I elicited from him that he had been in the same locality as Reginald Thompson, son of Mr Thompson, Victoria Hall, likewise Nicholson, of the Prince of Wales in Spofforth [mp], in fact, Nicholson is in his company. He is in "the pink", as Dent phrased it. Nicholson was sorry he had not time when on leave to look in and see me, and so was i. I want you boys to fully realise that, whilst I am delighted to see any of you when on leave, I quite understand that your time at home is fully occupied. Please don't feel bound to look in when you've so many other claims. When you can come, do so.

To return to Dent. Mr Broughton's son, of the market, he met when he first arrived, and had a jolly talk with him. He had seen "Billy" Bell, who was as happy as ever. Councillor Robinson's sons, George and Ernest, are in Dent's column. Likewise Sergeant Cobbler, of Tower Street. "Major" wishes to be remembered to all the Harrogate boys.


Harrogate Herald - 9th January 1918

W H Breare letter

H B Scholes, of Cecil Street, has had fourteen days' leave, and came to see me. He is on transport work at the moment. He was a member of the Harrogate Male Voice Choir. I am glad to say he found his people at home all well. He had met Walter Little, plasterer, of Pannal Ash; Fawcett, barman at the Ship; Crosthwaite, who was at the Baths; "Major" Dent, son of Mr R Dent, Mayfield Grove. Scholes has never ailed anything, and looks it.


Claro Times - 4th June 1915

Private H W Dent, Mechanical Transport Section, Army Service Corps, writes :

"I have met Tommy Coy, of Starbeck, and Reggie Thompson, whose father keeps the big furniture shop in James Street. Today a young fellow came from Paris with a car, and he recognised me. He is called Haw, and used to work at Johnson's garage, and his people live in King Edward's Drive".

Private Dent writes in a cheery strain, and is more inclined to ask questions about home affairs than to give information of his own doings. In a later letter he says he has met G R Oddy, of Harrogate.