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R Dent


Harrogate Herald - 30th January 1918

Writing from South Africa, Sapper C Newton says :

Thanks very much for the two Harrogate papers which I received on the 7th of the month - one dated October 24th and the other the 31st. they are the first Harrogate papers I've seen since April, and I was indeed pleased to have them. In the October 24th one I see there is a photo of J W Topham, out of Providence Terrace. I had previously heard of his death at Dar-es-Salaam. I met him at Durham in June. I also met R Dent and one of the Barker's, of Pannal (the plasterers), and one of the Schoon's (the plumbers) at the same place. I haven't met any Harrogate chaps since I came down here. I met a Knaresborough man, but forget his name for the moment, but he has now left for England. I'm pleased to tell you that I'm enjoying good health, and again thank you for the papers, which I shall save for any Harrogate man who I may come across.